Haines Launchpad

Relocate into a home faster & easier with Haines Launchpad

Feeling frustrated because your bank wants a different structure to what’s offered? Launchpad helps buyers into a relocatable home with as little as $5000 deposit.

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Why can Haines offer Launchpad when others can’t?

Well the short answer is, because we can. Every day we talk to frustrated buyers that are dealing with banks that have reduced their risk and now wont let you draw down until you have a building consent.

Haines Group has seen the gap, so we’re helping you out. Haines is in a unique position that enables us to do what other house removal companies can’t do.

We engineered the Launchpad to enable you, the buyer, to match a structure that your bank will be happy with.

So who is eligible?

Most buyers should be able to take advantage of Launchpad but complexity of site and distance to the property may affect the offer. T’s & C’s Apply.

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