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Haines House Haulage is a part of the Haines Group of companies and is the house removal and relocation company that more New Zealanders choose. Haines has over 53 years of buying and selling homes and building homes. We are here to answer all of your questions and assist with site planning, the Council Consent process and foundations. Our prices include transport to your site and standard Council passed foundations.

Contact Haines House Haulage to BUY, SELL or RELOCATE a house today.

Auckland – or phone 021 933 000

Whangarei & Far North – or phone 027 491 9066

Haines Launchpad

Feeling frustrated because your bank wants a different structure to what’s offered. Haines Launchpad helps buyers into a relocatable home with as little as $5000 deposit.

What we do

  • Sell Houses

    We source quality houses and from Waikato to the Far North and deliver them to your site. Ask us about what we have available and if we haven't got what you're looking for, we'll go and find it.

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