Haines has been moving houses since the 1970's

Since 1970, Haines House Removals have been moving houses. Our team is here to assist and support you with every aspect of house removal.

The easy way is the right way and you can achieve success with your house demolition or relocation project by following the right process.

If done correctly, house relocation can be a smart way to move up the ladder to home ownership.

Follow our proven process

  • Download the Haines Guide to Relocating a house
  • Tell us your goal and we will help you achieve it. Are you an investor who wants to maximise the return on land? Or are you a new home buyer looking for the best way to enter the market. We can only help you if we have more information.
  • We will guide you through the process.
  • Building Consent Process Time – Find out how we can help.
  • We can book your house move once your Building Consent has been approved.

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    The Haines
    Complete Guide to Relocating a Home

    Are you considering a house relocation?

    Buying a relocatable house is a significant investment and starting your relocation journey can be overwhelming. That's why we've developed a comprehensive guide packed with valuable insights and expert advice - this guide covers everything you need to know to make your relocation a success.

    Ready to take the first step towards a stress-free house relocation?

    Download our guide