Preparing the site for your new home

Haines House Haulage understands how essential site preparation is when planning for relocation, and providing this useful guide on preparing land to receive its new resident.

Preparation of your site

Site preparation is vital to any successful relocation and home removal. This involves clearing your site as well as building an excellent foundation. Prep work ensures the safety and longevity of your new home.

Site evaluation and clearance.

At this phase of removals, our team will conduct an in-depth assessment of your land. They will conduct a site visit and assess driveway/roadway access as well as any obstacles which might impede moving process – to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on removal day!

During this phase, its good time to obtain a Geotech Report which details soil conditions and terrain to help establish whether standard foundations or something more tailored to land requirements are necessary.

Site Clearing and Demolition

We have companies that will provide you with a quote within 48 hours after you contact them. Companies that carry their own equipment generally are able to manage the entire process, and our in-house machinery means that there will be no delays.

We provide affordable demolition and deconstruction services for residential and commercial sites, including garages and retaining walls.  Contact us today if you need partial structure removal or if you have a house that has been damaged by fire.

Site scrape services

  • Topsoil scrapes are used for construction development.
  • Site levelling / clearing
  • Asbestos (ACM), contaminated soil scrapes

Concrete breakout and disposal

Concrete breaking and removal equipment is available. This is usually done to the foundations of a building. We have a large network of recycling contacts, and we know where to transport concrete.

Preparing Your Foundation

Your home’s structure depends upon a firm foundation. Our team can connect you with excavation and ground levelling companies who will ensure a firm foundation in time for your move.


Topographical surveys are prepared to provide information on the contours and features of a particular site, such as roads, buildings, and vegetation. These should include easements and boundary lines when used for construction purposes.

Geotech Reports and Engineers

Most local councils require a Geotechnical Report (also called a Geotechnical Report or Soil Report), when submitting an application for building approval.

This report outlines the requirements for the soil to soak up water and provides the necessary building platform.

We can direct you to one our council-accredited suppliers who will ensure that your report is delivered within a reasonable time frame – usually 10-15 working days.

Haines House Haulage offers over 53 years of expertise in moving homes across various terrain. We pride ourselves on preparing land to create an secure foundation that supports any structure we transport for sale or relocation, thus guaranteeing reliable delivery service for every order we take on.To learn more about the services we offer:



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