The Success formula to relocating a house

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So you want to get on the property ladder or create a second house on your property but construction costs continue to soar. Well here is the "how to" of relocating.

At its most basic level, building a new home costs approximately $4800 a square metre – some group builders don’t price anything under this threshold – although prices often increase further depending on factors like site elevation, wind exposure and terrain as well as materials used during construction which will have an effect on its rate per square metre.

What are my options if I have a limited budget but want to find my new home? Consider relocating a second hand home – The benefits could well outweigh those associated with with a new build and your final gain.

So what do the professionals do?

A large part of Haines House Haulage has been built on the repeat business of small developers buying a section and then moving the existing home to the back and making room for another house or even two houses. Take our word for it, this really works.

Pre-built houses can be much less costly than onsite builds because they are built in a factory on a mass scale, but it is still difficult to make the numbers work.

From basic 2-bedroom houses up to stunning villas! You have endless choices available to you when searching removal and relocatable options! You can purchase a relocatable home from Haines for around for $85 -$100k? This is a  fraction of the cost of building anything new. Visit our listings and you may get some ideas as to what this might look like! (have a look at the current stock)

What other costs must I keep in mind when Relocating a House?

  • Consents, professional fees and council fees generally tend to run at approximately $15- 20K, then there may be additional reports etc to consider.
  • Connecting services (water, sewerage and electricity ) typically costs approximately $20,000for an urban site and $40,000 for a rural site.
  • Rebuilding decks and installing baseboards generally costs approximately $8-12,000.
  • You may also want to include a nominal amount to put toward renovations, say $25,000.

Based on these estimates, this project would cost approximately $175,000. That equates to approximately $1800 per m2, for an all-inclusive home that’s ready for living in, including services and decks. At $4800 per square metre when building new, comparable results would mean over 60% savings on your budget.

Haines Renovated Villa

Haines House Haulage renovated Villa

Another consideration when building a house is time. New Home builders typically estimate 9-18 month completion timelines while relocatable homes may be ready within six months (faster if site and consent approval can occur earlier).

So its not that hard to see why so many successful developers are doing this as the margins are very good and they don’t get rocked by the market ups and downs.

Call us today for a chat, Haines House Haulage can lean on over 50 years of experiences and can answer or help you with a feasibility on a project.




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