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As part of helping our clients plan house relocations, it is not unusual to face questions and/or receive quarries regarding access issues with certain sections of land...

Access is not often feasible behind another house and there is only narrow driveway access – surely there’s no way a house could fit here? ”

Cranes – Engaging a crane company allows your house to be lifted and moved aerially so as to navigate any local hazards or restrictions, like trees, fences, houses, trucks or narrow entranceways that would hinder its completion.

Crane Hire and Operator companies will likely play an increased role in relocation projects where smaller sections or subdivisions exist.

Are House Movers necessary for My Project?

Our experienced house removers and crane hire/operator partners help assess project requirements while accurately estimating costs associated with the relocation/shift.

Below is a checklist of key considerations when establishing whether a crane will be necessary and planning an effective exercise;

  • Address of the section and where the house will be sited;
  • Size (square metre footprint), as this indicates its weight which in turn determines what type of crane will be necessary and its maximum arm radius reach to clear obstacles.
  • Single piece or split house moving. When considering the time needed for hireage of crane and operators.
  • Ingress rights – your authorisation to access any property (and adjacent properties), as part of relocation actions; can either be verbal or written based.

Photo: Haines moving a historical building at Tui Glen Reserve

Craning operations should take place away from roads to reduce any need to schedule road closures with local councils and engage traffic management services, while also safeguarding underground pipelines or overhead lines that might need disconnecting in any situation.

Provide your council and design plans, in addition to any relocatable houses you might be interested in purchasing or considering purchasing is an excellent start.

Haines House Haulage can assist with this and any other steps related to purchasing our relocatable houses, by discussing project requirements with us and acting on your behalf, including liaison between design experts, council and crane operators to devise a plan that best meets these specifications.

As such, you will know both feasibility and budget estimates as part of overall project investment.

How Long does it take to crane?

Craning an individual house onto your site typically takes around 20 minutes; however, setting up and disassembling of crane rigging takes 2-3 hours before and afterwards; most crane rental companies offer 6-8 hours minimum.

Part of this includes taking steps to accurately position as per design plans and navigate any hazards in the area, before gently lowering the house.

Important to note

Experience, excellent health and safety practices and quality workmanship are of utmost importance in craning a building. Haines often works with experienced companies like Auckland Crane Hire who have a large selection of cranes and plenty of experience.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see how Crane services, for either house removal can benefit your project.

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